Updated 11/23

We need to know by November 29, what you are going to sell. If you change your items sold, please contact Sharon King at sharonking01@gmail.com giving her the revisions. We need up to date information by 12/6 so we can assign troops to tables.

Note on Selling Food Items: No food items that have been removed from the manufacturer’s original packaging will be allowed to be sold this year anywhere at the event. For example, no “soup in a jar,” “reindeer hot cocoa mixes,” donuts, shaved ice, etc. You can sell pre-made coffee, hot water for hot cocoa or tea. Sellers must dispense the hot water into the cup and hand it to the buyer along with a packet of cocoa or a wrapped tea bag. Individual coffee creamer and individual packets of sugar must be used. Please contact Sharon King at sharonking01@gmail.com prior to purchasing materials to verify your food containing item will be allowed to be sold.

List of Items Being Sold – updated 11/23/21

Hot to Determine What to Charge for an Item

All pricing examples below were based on a max price of $2.75. The general concepts still work the same even though we have raised the max price to $3.00.

FAQ Questions:
  • Q: How many different items can a troop sell? A: As many as you like!
  • Q: Is there a minimum or maximum number of items to make for each item? A: No, if your troop only makes 4 of one thing and 73 of another, both those amounts are okay.