Service Unit Fall Product Goals

Steps your troop needs to do to participate in Fall Product:

  1. Get your troop’s Fall Product Team selected. Click here for position descriptions. One person can handle several of these positions. Contact Hemal G  if you need help figuring out how many volunteers your troop needs. Any volunteer who stores product, handles money for the troop, or supervises girls must be a Troop Helper (GSUSA registered, background screened and fingerprinted.)
  2. Identify a Troop Product Coordinator (TPC) – this is the parent in the troop who will be managing the sale for the troop.
  3. Click here to fill in our Tustin East participation form if you are participating in Fall Product. If you are not, click here.
  4. TPC needs to complete their registration for the 2023-2024 Girl Scout Membership year.
  5. TPC needs to go to MyGS and select the role of Troop Fall Product Coordinator. Super important!
  6. TPC needs to complete an online background screening as necessary. Council/Background/Fingerprinting screening company will email you if needed.
  7. TPC must take Mandated Report Training available in their gsLearn account.
  8. TPC needs to complete the online Troop Product Coordinator training. Training will be available starting September 6. Online training can be accessed through gsLearn. Log into your MyGS account and select GS LEARN to access. Make sure you take ALL the parts!
  9. Troop has submitted online Troop Banking Form with voided troop check attached (Every troop must resubmit this form every year beginning August 1) Click here to view the GSOC has a short video to help you file this form.

Not Participating in Fall Product

  • If your troop is not participating in Fall Product, click here to fill in our “Not Participating Form.”
  • Remember you still have to submit your Troop Banking Form

Other Fall Product Information

Hemal’s presentation from the September service unit meeting. (Not available in 2023)

Fall Product is a great way for your troop to easily earn some money to start off your Girl Scout year. (February is a long time to wait for cookie money to arrive.)

Your Tustin East ‘go to people’ for Fall Product Sales are:

  •  SU Fall Product Manager – Hemal G. your go to person for the Fall Product sale.
  •  SU Fall Product Distribution – Angela S. distributing fall product to troops and rewards at the end of the sale.

Fall Product Online Resources