The password to access the list is the same as the password for the rest of the Tustin East website.

Tustin East “Givers and Takers” or G&T or T2T (troop to troop) is open for Fall Product.  This is a chance for us to help each other out with balancing inventory or saving each other trips to a cupboard.  It also helps to reduce the financial risk for all of us.  What we end up doing is trading or transferring product between local Tustin troops.


  • Let’s say for some reason you have ended up with 16 cans of cashews and don’t see how you are ever going to sell them all.  Send me an email saying:
  • Troop 123 has 16 extra cans of cashews to give
  • First and Last name; email contact, phone contact (you can give only a preferred method such as texting if you like)
  • Subject of Email: T2T Offer Cashews Troop #123


  • Say you have 7 cans of raisins but only have 1 can of cashews.  Send me an email saying
  • Troop 456 needs to trade 3 raisins for 3 cashews.
  • First and Last name; email contact, phone contact (you can give only a preferred method such as texting if you like
  • Subject of Email: T2T Trade raisins for cashews Troop #456


  • Rather than go to a cupboard, ask around the SU.  Somebody may have extras.  Send me an email saying:
  • Troop 789 needs 2 cans of almonds.
  • First and Last name; email contact, phone contact (you can give only a preferred method such as texting if you like
  • Subject of Email: T2T Needs Almonds Troop #789

I will gather these emails up about once a day and create a new post under the G&T menu listing trading/transferring opportunities.  If you haven’t read about troop to troop transfers it’s great. When you transfer product out of your troop, your financial obligation to pay for that product is transferred to the receiving troop.  It’s a win-win.  You get them off your books and another troop is spared chasing down product at a cupboard.

For those of you who are new to all this – realize this system only works when there is a supply as well as a demand.  Don’t expect on the last day of the sale to advertise that you have 90 cases of unsold nuts.  Nobody will take them.  You might get rid of a few because troops need to fulfill their share obligation but nothing else.  Everyone should look at their inventory before the last week and see if you can realistically get rid of the product you have.  If you have too many – get rid of them! Send me an email.

Troops that need product – please, please check the posting before ordering from a cupboard.  Most likely there will be troops in Tustin who need to get rid of product.

Troops that need to give away – make it easy for the troops taking your product to get them.  They are doing you a favor. Offer to meet halfway between both of you to move the product from car to car.  Be reasonable on making a time for the appointment.

When transferring from troop to troop, make sure the troop giving away the product signs them out with a receipt book being used.  I always have the troop giving away being the one who goes into Unify to do the transfer.  Use the order reference box to note “T2T Troop number giving to troop number receiving ” For Example: T2T 123 -> 456.  Instructions on troop to troop transfers are in the troop plan book.

REMINDER: You need to record the variety of product you are transferring or trading. Use your receipt book to keep track of varieties!

Lastly – when you have successfully gotten rid of your product or have found product, please send me an email letting me know to take your request off of the daily post. I will remove after 4 days.

One last thing!  If you and another troop are negotiating a trade, please email each other directly.  I don’t need to know what you are doing so you don’t have to email me.