Not sure what your troop should take for food for a weekend of camping? Here is what other troops have done.

Troop 482 – Angela B. leader

  • Friday:
    • During camp setup after school: Potato chips, onion dip, ranch dip, veggies for dipping, grapes and/or other chopped fruit.
    • Dinner: chicken noodle soup, french bread or rolls, more veggies and fruit, big chocolate chip cookies.
    • Drinks: lemonade and milk.
  • Saturday:
    • Breakfast: muffins or bagels, chopped fruit, milk and orange juice if girls like.
    • Lunch: sandwich buffet – assorted lunch meats, sliced cheese assortment, bread or leftover rolls, mayo, mustard, leftovers from chips, dip, veggies, fruit, lemonade.
    • Dinner: Dutch oven main course (lasagna or stroganoff for example), salad with ranch dressing, veggies, Dutch oven dessert (ex: black forest dump cake with cool whip), milk, lemonade.
    • Campfire: s’mores. (Bring both milk and special dark chocolate)
  • Sunday:
    • Breakfast: pancakes, chocolate chips and blue berries to add to pancakes, syrup, any remaining fruit, milk, orange juice, lemonade.
  • Notes: the girls picked this menu back in 2nd/3rd grade.  They choose to have it all the way through high school at most every community campout. Variation was provided by changing up the recipes cooked in the dutch oven. Equipment needs – camp stove and 2 – 12″ Dutch ovens.  Troop was about 12 people most campouts.