Troop of Honor is awarded to troop leaders that provide a diverse Girl Scout program to the girls in their troop. Troops are awarded this honor based on a point system. Points are earned by numerous factors.

In preparation for this year’s Troop of Honor recognition, troop leaders should keep track of each month (see Excel file below):

  • Permission slips turned in on time
  • Field trips taken
  • Community service provided
  • Product sale participation
  • Service Unit events attended
  • GSOC events attended
  • Adult training attended
  • If you have used the VTK or not
  • Badge/Petal work completed
  • Journey’s worked on and/or completed
  • Bronze, Silver or Gold award activities and completion
  • Your troop meeting and working with a troop at a different level

Click here to download the list of activities (Excel file) that will earn your troop points. Make sure you read how the points are awarded.

Ideally, leaders should be keeping a “diary” of activities and what the troop has done at every meeting from August 1, 2022 through July 31, 2023.  Having this diary will help you complete the Troop of Honor form(s), make filling in the end of the year Financial report easy and make year end awards ceremonies easy to plan. Something as simple as an inexpensive composition book where you can record meeting attendance, activities planned and accomplished, staple receipts, kaper chart tasks, etc can help keep you on track. For a more modern method, use the features of the VTK!

If you are trying to determine how many years you have earned Troop of Honor based on the patch and stars that are already on your troop banner, here is a chart of what color corresponds to what year.

To submit your troop’s Troop of Honor points for the 2022-23 Girl Scout year, click here. All entries are due on 08/XX/23. (link will be live on or about 8/1/23)